Unscented Hand and Body Care Gift Set

Unscented Hand and Body Care Gift Set

Gift Set

Unscented Hand and Body Care

Set includes: 5 oz. Unscented Hand and Body Cream
4.5 oz. Oatmeal Face and Body Bar
Tea light candle and holder

Unscented Hand and Body Cream- a rich hand and body cream with naturally occurring healing elements and superior moisturizing capabilities, easily absorbed by your. Suitable for all skin types, long lasting and non-greasy.

Distilled water, olea europea (extra virgin olive oil, Organic shea butter, SimmondaChinesis (jojoba), liquid germall and vitamin E.

Restore moisture and nutrients, softens, improves elasticity and protects against dryness.

Oatmeal Face and Body Bar- an unscented face and body bar made with organic plant based ingredients to cleanse, moisturize and nourish your skin.

Olive oil- replenish moisture
Shea butter- provides essential fatty acids
Oatmeal-naturally absorbs excess oils
Goat milk-full of vitamins and fatty acids

Unscented tea light and candle holder
4 hours of clean burning
Perfect accent lighting