Firming Moisturizer


Botanical Firming Moisturizer

Botanical Firming Moisturizer has a hydrating formula that firms the skin, nourishes and strengthens skin moisture barrier while diminishing the signs of aging.
Use morning and evening to attract moisture and firm the outer layer of skin.

Ingredients and Benefits:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil- moisturizes, reduces the signs of aging (rich in antioxidants), rich in vitamins ( A,D,K and E)

Shea Butter- boosts skin moisture, anti- inflammatory, softens skin, condition sensitive skin, tones and soothe skin

Cucumber Seed Extract - penetrates skin readily, fights free radicals, promotes cell regeneration, known for its anti inflammatory properties and the capacity of tightening skin

Red Raspberry Seed Oil - packed with essential fatty acids and vitamins, offers some UV protection (does not replace your sunscreen), good source of vitamin A and E

Jojoba - anti-aging, hypoallergenic, moisturizes, regulates sebum levels, strengthens sensitive skin, balances oily skin

Vitamin E- easily absorbed in the skin, increases vitamin E in the sebaceous glands , powerful antioxidants that may be effective at reducing UV damage

Lavender Essential Oil- calms irritated skin, soothing, calming, nontoxic, cleansing, purifying, antiseptic

Palmarosa Essential Oil- tones oily or combination skin, moisturizing, stimulates cellular regeneration, regulates sebum


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